Un autre cas d'adoption par célibataire en Inde / another case of a bachelor adopting in India

Adoption nationale en Inde / domestic adoption in India

Un célbataire adopte 2 enfants / Bachelor adopts two children
Unique bonding: Avinash, a software engineer, plays with his adopted children at his residence.
HYDERABAD: Childless couple adopting an orphan is not new. However, Avinash Yadlapati, a bachelor, raised quite a few eyebrows when he adopted two children.
Five months have passed since Avinash, a senior ASIC Design Engineer in AMD Research and Development Centre, adopted Sairam, 13, and Shailaja, 7, from an orphanage. Providing good education and employment is the sole motive behind the adoption, he says.
“Influenced by success stories such as that of the IAS topper Mutyala Raju, I decided to support poor children who showed promise of excellence. After a search of three years, I adopted these kids,” says Avinash.
The children do not exactly fit the definition of orphans. Sairam’s family was abandoned by his father, and his mother, chronically depressed, was admitted in an asylum. Sairam was admitted to an orphanage, while his teenaged sister stayed at a hostel. Shailaja has a reprobate father who would beat her up daily.
Both children are now studying at Dilsukhnagar Public School.
“If not for the society, I would have brought Sairam’s sister also. She secured 85 per cent in her Intermediate first year,” Avinash says.Kin not very happy
Avinash’s father and grandmother who stay at Delhi are not very happy with his decision as it dimmed his marriage prospects.
But he is hopeful that he will find a likeminded wife. His double bedroom flat at Santoshnagar has a well equipped room for the children. Otherwise a late riser, Avinash gets up at 5.30 a.m. nowadays to make Sairam study. He also prepares breakfast and packs lunch for the kids.

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